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  • During a period of persecution in the 3rd century, early Christians buried their dead in the Catacombs of St. Callixtus

  • There are 90 acres of cemetery space and 12 miles of galleries in the St. Callixtus Catacombs - some of the biggest in Rome

  • Half a million Christians, martyrs, as well as 16 popes are buried in the underground cemetery

  • The ancient crypts contain Greek inscriptions and symbols carved into the stones

  • The Area of the Popes is the most venerated crypt, dubbed ‘the little Vatican’ as it is the resting place of nine popes and eight Church dignitaries

You can experience history first-hand in the underground Catacombs of St. Callixtus. Limited space is available, so be sure to book online to guarantee a ticket for your visit.

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Accessibility information:

  • The Catacombs are not accessible to wheelchair users

  • Those with mobility issues should be aware that there are no elevators, no places to sit, and irregular steps

  • It is not recommended for those who are claustrophobic

  • There are no animals of any kind allowed on the premises

  • You may be eligible for free admission if you are disabled, a caregiver, a student, or meet other qualifications

General information:

  • The catacombs are open from 9:00 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 17:00 every day except for Wednesdays

  • You must visit the catacombs with a guide and stay with your tour group for the duration of the visit

  • Make sure you keep your ticket until the end of the tour because there may be exit checks

  • Leave luggage, strollers, and other large objects behind. You may not bring them with you

  • You may not smoke or bring food or drinks with you into the crypts

What to wear:

  • Consider bringing a lightweight jacket as the underground areas can be cold year-round (16 °C/ 60° F)

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes on the day of your visit

  • As this is a religious site, you must cover your knees and shoulders to enter

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3 reviews
Taisia,  Israel Israel
24 Apr 2024
A great card, if you can’t find tickets on official site, I recommend using this card. The stuff at offices was super nice and efficient, they help you with navigating and give you the map.
Omnia Card 24H
Annette,  United States United States
22 Mar 2024
Excellent guide. Very accommodating even thought the group was large. Good and interesting information. Good length. Good value for $15 pp
Catacombs of St. Callixtus: Guided Tour
Sharon,  United States United States
01 Jan 2024
It was a great tour with a great tour guide. One can tell she was knowledgeable about the catacombs and some back stories. It was short but sweet. Highly recommend.
Catacombs of St. Callixtus: Guided Tour

About: Catacombs of Saint Callixtus

The Catacombs of Saint Callixtus are some of the many smaller catacombs scattered around the Eternal City. Located on the Appian Way, the catacombs are famous for containing the Crypt of the Popes, which, as the name suggests, once contained the tombs of several popes from the 2nd to 4th centuries.

Catacombs of Saint Callixtus
Via Appia Antica 110/126, 00179, Rome
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