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The Summer Comeback:

Recover Fast & Strong with Your Local Visitors

This high season has high stakes. Summer 2021 presents a unique opportunity to fast-track your venue’s recovery — so how can you make sure this summer is the start of your epic comeback, and not an epic fail?

In this recording you’ll hear from Tom Hall, Vice President at Lonely Planet, who presented his keynote speech “A moment of opportunity.” He shared trends he’s identified at Lonely Planet that make him believe this summer is your chance to re-engage a massive audience.

After the keynote address, hear the panel discussion on How to Stand Out to Visitors This Summer to learn the successful strategies our expert panelists are using to make this summer a success.


What you’ll learn:

  • Learn tactical actions to take now to get the most out of this make-or break summer
  • Get data-backed insights into the future of global and regional tourism
  • Hear from leading voices in the tourism industry

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Keynote Speaker & Panelist



Tom Hall

Vice President

Stacey Leasca

Travel writer

Travel + Leisure, MSN, Yahoo Travel and more

Gianluca Camaggio

Sales Manager