Meet the Judges

Here are the experts evaluating applications for 2023's Best Hidden Gem and Most Innovative Venue awards.

Meet the judges evaluating 2023's application-based awards

This year’s Remarkable Venue Awards are shining a spotlight on the museums and attractions that have wowed travelers in 2023 – and your museum or attraction could be one of them. The winners of our application-based awards will be chosen by a panel of expert judges in each region, such as regional DMOs and tourism experts. Interested in applying for an award? Find out more details below. 

United Arab Emirates



Board Member, Middle East and North Africa Leisure & Attractions Council, MENALAC Founder and Managing Director




Postgraduate Coordinator: Languages, Interculturality, & Tourism Management

United Kingdom



Head of Business Development

& Membership

United States



Chief Executive





Web Director


Frederike van Ouwerkerk

Senior Lecturer






Project Manager




Editor in Chief

Application-based awards

These awards warmly welcome all museums and attractions, regardless of whether you are working with Tiqets or not.

Best Hidden Gem

A hidden gem refers to something which is outstanding, unique or special. This award category is focused on highlighting lesser-known and more niche attractions to travellers the world over.

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Most Innovative Venue

This award is about spotlighting museums and attractions that found new and original ways to appeal to customers. This could include sustainable initiatives, creative marketing strategies, new technology implemented etc.

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Apply for the Best Hidden Gem or Most Innovative Venue Award

Could your venue be the Best Hidden Gem or Most Innovative Venue of 2023? Download an application form to see if your museum or attraction has what it takes to become a Remarkable Venue Award winner. Don't forget: you don't have to be working with Tiqets to apply. All museums and attractions in the participating countries are welcome to submit an application.

Why you should apply for the Remarkable Venue Award:

  • Raise your venue’s profile in the tourism industry
  • Celebrate the exceptional work of your staff 
  • Get additional exposure to Tiqets' 20 million+ customer base
  • Be featured in renowned travel media outlets like National Geographic, Time Out, Blooloop and MuseumNext

Applications must be sent before 18 August, 17:00 CEST to be considered.

Register to attend the Global Winners event

This year’s global awards evening will be free to attend, with both an in-person ceremony and a global live stream to attend virtually. For the first time ever, we’ll reveal the 7 museums & attractions that were voted best in the world by consumers in 2023. This year's awards are presented in partnership with Tourism Innovation Summit and will take place during their conference in Seville on Wednesday, October 18th 17:00 CET.

Presented in partnership with Tourism Innovation Summit