A Recovery Package to Support Venues After Lockdown

Our mission is to make culture more accessible by helping people discover and enjoy museums and attractions around the globe.Even in the most difficult moments, we’re here to help.

A package to welcome visitors back safely

The Coronavirus has dramatically impacted museums and attractions. As you work to reopen your venues, we’re here to helpyou recover as fast as possible while protecting your visitors.

Manage visitor capacity

Maximise your revenue

Marketing, communication and incident management

Manage visitor capacity

Great visitor management ensures that your guests can experience your museum or attraction in a spacious and safe environment.Here’s a few ways we’re helping venues to do this.

Utilise time slots

Manage your crowds and avoid queues by using time slots and setting a capacity limit to ensure you don’t have an influx of visitors.

Apply off peak period pricing

Offer your guests advanced day booking discounts, or off-peak period pricing to maintain a steady flow of customers throughout the day.

Implement a contactless check in system

Offer your visitors a contactless check in system to easily access your venue and for you to accurately measure your headcount with Tiqets’ free Scan App is a great solution.

Maximise your revenue

Even with visitor numbers restricted, your venue needs to drive enough revenue to come out of this crisis.Tiqets unique technology has a number of techniques to help optimise revenue per customer,even with restrictions on visitor numbers.

Offer flexibility

Increase your conversion and give customers the sense of security, by offering refundable tickets. Visitors will have the opportunity to cancel up to 24 hours in advance, free of charge!

Provide desirable upsells

With capacity regulations in place, it’s never been so important to optimise your revenue per customer. Highlight features like audio guides, parking passes or food and beverage packages.

Create amazing bundles

Bundles are a great way to increase your venues revenue, without needing to do any extra leg work. Combine multiple products from your venue to create one better-value offer and increase your revenue.

Marketing, communication and incident management

Our communication tools that will enhance your visitor experience by efficiently communicating visitor regulations,possible closings and reducing your operational workload.

Make a powerful return

Drive extra exposure for your venue at various moments of the customer journey. We’ll promote your venue through social media, email campaigns, Geo based push notifications as well as access to our global distribution network of 2,500+ partners.

Demonstrate safety and hygiene measures

Show to your visitors the safety and hygiene measures you’ve put in place to demonstrate compliance with the most recent procedures. You can also gather feedback from visitor reviews on the safety measures you’ve put in place.

Expect outstanding support

Your staff can relax knowing that Tiqets will expertly handle all communications if your venue needs to have an emergency closure. If necessary, Tiqets will also manage all refunds requests and related communication.

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