Increase revenue

Proven ways to boost revenue with innovative solutions.

Tiqets increases revenue per customer

Premium and seasonal promotion

Present your customers with premium options that allow them to make the most of your venue, such as the choice of VIP access tickets. Alternatively, promote your venue based on the season. Highlight your activities across Tiqets’ consumer network and at multiple touchpoints in the user journey. eg a specially created new section of your venue, opening in the Spring.

Variable and Promotional Pricing

Vary your prices by day of the week, or every single day. Boost your revenue by increasing yield on high occupancy days, and attract more customers during off-peak periods.

Tiqets also allows you to offer customers time based price options – increase, or decrease, prices when customers order close to the date of their visit. Help fill last minute capacity, or earn extra revenue from last-minute bookers.

Highlight added-value add-ons

Promote your audio guide, gift shop, or other materials like commemorative printed books. Tiqets can show your site visitors a sample of your add-ons, to ensure they see the right options and make the right choice.

Featured Exhibitions

Exhibitions are the lifeblood of many cultural institutions; the Tiqets checkout is designed to feature your top exhibition(s) in an intuitive and high-converting way.

Sell together with nearby venues

Build packages of tickets with other interested venues to incentivise customers to buy in advance with great value tickets. Cross promotion increases your visibility and share of sales; a win for all concerned!

Collect customer donations

Take advantage of the opportunity to receive donations from your customers for renewing collections, renovations or to help fund venue operations when they book through Tiqets. All donations received go directly to the venues, Tiqets never sees a dime!

Expert online ticket sales with Tiqets

High traffic websites

Tiqets helps major cultural institutions convert website visitors into guaranteed on-site visitors. Tiqets’ Booking Engine adapts to your visitors language and currency, giving them a personalised experience, with excellent conversion.

Styled for your brand

The Tiqets Booking Engine appears differently for each of the cultural venues on whose website it is shown. Change colors, logos, and choose how customers should enter the checkout flow. Tiqets’ brand in the checkout and order confirmation emails is shown only for customer reassurance purposes – your brand leads the way.

Tiqets connects to your system

Tiqets makes it easy to connect; our team of developers have live integrations with the largest ticketing platforms in the world, and is constantly working with more. We can connect to your API, or work through any number of simpler inventory handling approaches to make sure to sell the right tickets at the right moment.

Getting in

Tiqets can support any number of entrance management systems; issuing barcodes from your existing ticketing system, handling PDF tickets, generating new barcodes for validation using the Tiqets ScanApp, or even sending you a list of anticipated customers per day. Tiqets adapts to you.

Analyze your sales online

Tiqets’ partner portal allows you access to overviews of tickets sold, scans conducted, as well as demographic analyses, all in real time. Never be without insight into your sales numbers and trends – all also accessible on your smartphone!

Empowered by data

Perfectly timed emails

Tiqets can send visitors who have booked using Tiqets emails at just the right moment relative to their visit. Pre-visit, help them anticipate what to see, where to go, what to bring, or how to be prepared relative to security / on-site facilities. Post-visit, remind your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, visit your online shop, or even become a member. Transform their first visit into an ongoing relationship.

Gather feedback

Tiqets sends all customers a detailed feedback form to gather their opinion on multiple parts of their experience. We want to help you learn the intricacies of your customers’ opinions, to help improve and grow!

Geo-fenced entrance instructions

The Tiqets app helps customers open and keep their tickets on-hand, but also helps send messages in case of problems. We can push messages to all Tiqets app users that are in the viscinity of your venue to help them find the way. Perfect for larger venues, this is one more tool to help make crowd management a breeze.

Email and SMS customers in case of emergencies

Tiqets aims to deliver the best experience possible to your customers. Tiqets Customer Service can be reached 24/7 by phone, email, and live chat services.

In the case of various types of emergencies such as security alerts or special national events, Tiqets can send customers alerts by email and SMS in their language to ensure they are informed, safe, and happy.