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Tiqets Booking Engine

Incredibly easy integration

A single snippet of code allows you to start selling tickets using the Tiqets Booking Engine, after which, everything is configured from our dedicated portal. Our team will walk you through the integration in case you need any assistance.

Responsive design

The Tiqets Booking engine has been expertly designed to be responsive on mobile, desktop, and tablet to give customers a consistently excellent booking experience.

Convert your customers in multiple languages

Choose the languages in which you want to sell your tickets using the Tiqets Booking Engine. Pick one, or pick twelve – the choice is yours!

Fully customizable to match your venue branding

The Tiqets Booking Engine shows your company’s logo and colors to ensure a seamless customer experience between your website and the Booking Engine.

Local payment methods and currencies

With fourteen major currencies and twelve payment methods, your customers will always feel at ease thanks to familiar, well-known, and secure payment options.

Flat payment handling rates

Tiqets handles all fees related to payments in the Booking Engine at a single flat rate. As a result, you always have a predictable income, untouched by potentially expensive payment methods.

Tiqets increases your revenue per customer


Elegantly promote audio guides, items from your gift shop, or other additional offerings to consumers in the checkout flow. Tiqets’ expertise in UX and conversion optimization helps you earn more.


Give your customers an advantage by upselling your tickets to maximize their visiting experience, or by promoting special packages.


Promote seasonal themes, one-off events, or your next blockbuster exhibition right in the checkout flow. Customers should never miss a great event taking place on the date of their visit!

Promotional discounts

Promotional discounts can be offered and redeemed in the Booking Engine to encourage passers-by to become visitors!

Empowered by data

Real-time analytics

All the tickets you sell using Tiqets’ tools are shown in reports in our dedicated portal. Data is shown in real-time in a variety of easy-to-use reports which reveal your sales.

Anticipate every visitor

Tiqets shows you the name of every visiting customer. Not only does this enable a high-quality personal experience, but it also ensures that lost tickets are never a problem!

Customer demographics

Discover the geographic origin, ordering language, the type of device used, the average days in advance an order was placed, and more with just the click of a button.

Everything mobile

Tiqets’ systems are designed for mobile – we build all our tools to work perfectly on mobile devices from the get-go. This includes reports and analytics, so you never have to open your laptop to keep track of your sales.

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