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Convert more global and mobile visitors with a fully branded experience

Get global bookings

Visitors can buy in 11 languages and all major payment options and currencies, so you can drive more bookings.

Increase revenue

Convert more website visitors with a branded booking engine that works perfectly on phones and desktops

Learn about your visitors

Easily keep up with visitor trends so you can improve your on-site experience and learn about your customer demographics.

The biggest venues and attractions in the world

use our Booking Engine

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“We have increased website conversions by 93%”

“We want to make sure that the visit to Casa Batlló before, during and after the trip is an unforgettable cultural experience. Sometimes you need the help of others to keep moving forward. This happened with Tiqets, they helped us solve one of the problems we had with consumers, they helped us to connect, and above all, to convert”.

Ingrid Olmo, PR Manager at Casa Batlló

Try the Booking Engine for yourself

The Booking Engine is branded to match your venue’s colours and logo. Your customer will never know that they are using a different booking system.

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Get global bookings

Speak 11 different languages
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Global currencies
  • Australian Dollar – AUD $
  • Canadian Dollar – CAD $
  • Danish Krone – DKK Kr
  • Euro – EUR €
  • Great British Pound – GBP £
  • Hong Kong Dollar – HKD $
  • Hungarian Forint – HUF ft
  • Japanese Yen – JPY ¥
  • Norwegian Krone – NOK Kr
  • Polish Złoty – PLN zł
  • Swedish Krone – SEK Kr
  • Swiss Franc – CHF
  • Singapore Dollar – SGD $
  • United States Dollar – USD $
  • United Arab Emirates Dirham – AED د.إ
16 international payment methods
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Increase revenue

Free implementation

Install the Booking Engine by copying a few lines of code and you will be up and running in a few clicks, all without paying a cent!

Fast bookings on mobile

Data shows that 80% of visitors book through their phone. Let your customers book anywhere, anytime, with a booking system that works perfectly on mobile and desktop.

Low commission-based model

Our direct and seamless checkout will allow your customers to get a ticket within 1 minute, and best of all, you only pay when you sell.

Know your visitors

Customer demographics

Do you know where your customers come from? Find out where they’re booking, what they’re booking on, and how far in advance they buy.

Real-time analytics

With the click of a button you can access your sales data in your own dedicated portal. Data is shown in real-time in a variety of easy-to-use reports.

Gather feedback

With your sales data and access to your customer reviews, you can act fast to directly respond to customer feedback and trends. Visitors also get free 24/7 customer service in their language.

The Booking Engine in a nutshell

Security and connections

We are dedicated to providing top-level solutions that are secure for everyone.


We use the latest technology to prevent fraud. However, in the unlikely case it happens, you will not be liable for any of the costs.

Fully encrypted

Our system only works with an encrypted connection. This means there is less chance of data leakage when in transit.


Our payment provider, Adyen, is PCI DSS 3.2 compliant. This means we meet the key security standard within the industry.


We are dedicated to getting things right. That’s why Tiqets is rated 9.3/10 on TrustPilot with over 18,000 reviews since 2015.


We offer multiple connectivity options. You can see our Supplier API Spec gives you the flexibility to connect with existing tools.

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Check out the implementation guide here

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