Tiqets API

Effortlessly update your venue availability with Tiqets

Why use the Tiqets API?

Partnering with Tiqets to increase your reach and drive attendance? We can automatically pull your availability and push orders to your systems if you speak our API lingo.

Extend your systems with our API specification and we’ll pull real-time availability information and push orders your way. Here’s how we can make it happen.

About the API

The Tiqets Supplier API Specification is a tiny API definition, for suppliers and ticketing software solutions, that allows us real-time availability for your product and lets us push sales directly to your booking platform.

Get connected to Tiqets quickly and efficiently

There’s no need to change your existing processes and procedures – all you need to do is teach your platform a bit of our lingo and we’re connected. Our minimal spec is OpenAPI compliant, so it’s as friendly to your budget as it is to your developers.

Reasons to choose the Tiqets API

  • No more manual barcode exports
  • Track capacity in real time and limit sales based on the data
  • You are in control of your own booking platform

Benefits of the Tiqets API

  • Easy to implement
  • Fast track to selling through Tiqets.com’s vast distributor network
  • Eliminate manual tasks
  • OpenAPI compliant

How to get started

Don’t call us, we’ll call you

To make the implementation as easy as possible we’ve opted to follow the communication flow that most booking software uses, being that our systems contact yours when needed.

This ensures a similar communication flow as when we’d implement your system’s proprietary API, avoiding additional work. Essentially, there’s no need to develop any scheduled tasks, webhooks or other processes.


The API’s minimal functionality makes implementing it very straight forward and should be sufficient for the majority of products. It supports products with and without timeslots in 3 steps:

  1. Fetching availability
  2. Reserving tickets
  3. Confirming reservations

Auto-generated code

To make it even easier to implement the specification, the API is specified using the OpenAPI standard. This means the source code can be auto-generated, regardless of your programming language.


  • Let’s check if we’re a match. Please review the API specification and decide if you can work with it.
  • If so, contact us and become a Tiqets supplier.
  • Implement the specification on your end. Need help? Contact us at connections@tiqets.com

Want to find out more?

You can read up on our OpenAPI specification documentation here.

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