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Dominando un alto en Lincoln Park, frente al puente del Golden Gate, el museo Legion of Honor es el más bonito de San Francisco. Contiene una colección que abarca 4.000 años de arte prehistórico y europeo, con momias, esculturas y El pensador de Auguste Rodin, ubicados en un entorno increíble.

Si vas en transporte público, el bus número 18 va directamente al Legion of Honor.

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Reseñas de Legion of Honor

27 jul. 2019
Legion of Honor
25 jul. 2019
Legion of Honor
24 feb. 2019
Legion of Honor
30 abr. 2018
Legion of Honor
I arrived at the Legion of Honor too late to make good use of my discount ticket..however, the staff was very kind and I was afforded great consideration; I was issued an entry pass so as not to lose the value of the discount admission ticket....And while I don't recommend arriving late at any SF museum...as the Legion of Honor's exhibitions and collection are outstanding...please do take advantage of Tiqets' values.
Also, if it's the first time you've ever tried to do without a paper ticket confirmation...there are complexities to using your SmartPhone to validate the discount entry ticket...again, the museum staff took time to deal with my iPhone themselves...but..it was the end of the day and no one else was in line for entry...so learn how to use your Smartphone for ticketing before arriving at the museum! And thanks for your discount system!
8 ene. 2018
Legion of Honor
Extremely busy on a Saturday. That was expected...however, only having one bathroom inside for the extreme amount of people was frustrating and didn't seem right.
7 ene. 2018
Legion of Honor
Please consider using this service. There are many excellent and culturally valuable places to visit...but entry fees can be substantial...preventing citizens and tourists from benefitting from attendance....We Need this ticket service because fees are high and many institutions that are tax supported, and receive extensive support from foundations, still have high entry fees...USE Tiqets! and you will benefit!
24 sept. 2017
Legion of Honor
Lovely exhibit
17 ago. 2017
Legion of Honor
Loved the Degas exhibit with the antique hats. My only criticism was we had a hard time following the sequencing of exhibits using the audio tour. Not logically done and very confusing.
I highly recommend the Legion's cafe. Above average food in a pleasant atmosphere.
10 jul. 2017
Legion of Honor
One of the best places to visit in San Francisco. A must see!
29 may. 2017
Legion of Honor
The location is stunning. The exhibit was fabulous and allowed visitors to enjoy the work despite the crowf