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Tiqets 10th Anniversary Deals in Austria

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Fahrt zum Top of Innsbruck
Fahrt zum Top of Innsbruck
up to -10%
up to -10%
  • Innsbruck

Top of Innsbruck PLUS

Enjoy the highlights of Innsbruck's Nordkette in a single ticket!
4.9 (10)
From $54.53
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Explore the opulent rooms, stroll around UNESCO gardens and learn about Habsburg history
4.6 (608)
From $16.04
up to —12%
Swarovski Crystal Worlds is a space for art, architecture, and a special Swarovski shop for crystal fans everywhere. It's a sparkly family attraction created by André Heller for the crystal glass manufacturer Swarovski, and is located close to Innsbruck, Austria.
4.6 (125)
From $24.59
up to —17%
Witness the unmatched elegance of Vienna's historic palace
4.7 (2,462)
From $9.94
Witness the elegance of Lipizzaner stallions in Vienna's historic arena
4.4 (1,431)
From $19.25
Vienna’s Stephansdom (also known as St. Stephen's Cathedral) is kind of a big deal. As the national emblem of Austria, it attracts over 1 million visitors every year. And rightfully so – at over 800 years old, it’s home to some of the country’s most interesting historical and architectural sights. The High Altar, which took seven years to build in the 17th century, is just one of 18 altars inside the impressive Gothic and Romanesque structure. The red marble tomb of Emperor Frederick III is decorated with more than 240 statues - that's 6.667 statues for every year of his reign as Holy Roman Emperor. If your tastes extend to the more macabre, visit the catacombs, built during the 1735 Bubonic plague they're, erm, 'home' to over 11,000 skeletons.