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Verona Arena

This world-renowned opera venue was built in 30AD and is the oldest Roman amphitheater still in use today.

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Customer reviews

Nov 11, 2018
VeronaCard 24H
Worth the money if you plan on visiting 4 or more attractions in 24 hours. Convenient to have free bus travel although you can get around easily on foot
Nov 2, 2018
VeronaCard 24H
Great experience
Oct 28, 2018
VeronaCard 24H
Всё прекрасно!!
Oct 23, 2018
VeronaCard 24H
Its easy and saves some money and time :)
Oct 9, 2018
VeronaCard 24H
Please, pay attention to Arena´s closing time, because if there is a show to be performed, they close at 14:00 and nobody informed us when we picked up the cards!!!!!
It´s worthwhile but you have to choose
Sep 24, 2018
VeronaCard 24H
Very useful and some great venues to explore. Worth the money for sure and saved time in the lines
Sep 20, 2018
VeronaCard 24H
Great experiencie. I’ll donit again racha time I come visit town
Sep 17, 2018
VeronaCard 24H
It was really lovely.
Sep 17, 2018
VeronaCard 24H
The verona card was very simple to use.
After paying pick up your ticket and off you go. Plenty of attractions included. Give you handy map to navigate the attractions etc.
Good value for money
Sep 15, 2018
VeronaCard 24H
Great opportunity to pay low and see lots of wonderful places! Skip the line at the arena is the most important pro.
Worth it!