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Padiglione delle Navi

The Naval History Museum of Venice (Museo Storico Navale) will fascinate all those interested in ships and sailing. It's a great place to learn about Venice's military history, explore old sailing ships, and to understand the relationship Venice has with the sea.

The museum is located near the Piazzale Roma. It's a 2-minute walk, plus a ferry from Piazzale Parisi “E” (Lido directions). Exit at S. Zacaria (Danieli) “F” stop and walk for 800 meters.

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Customer reviews

Jul 31, 2018
Naval History Museum: Skip The Line
Très joli musée relatant l’histoire navale de Venise, attention ne pas louper la plus jolie partie à voir dans un second bâtiment à l’extérieur où sont exposés les anciens bateaux de guerre, gondoles et autres.