Tickets for Gondola Ride Meeting Point

On the banks of the Grand Canal, this meeting point is the place to get ready to board a Venetian Gondola - a must-do when in Venice!

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Gondola Ride Meeting Point reviews

May 31, 2019
Classic Gondola Ride
30 minutes ride, 6 persons in total in the boat. Meeting point is in front of the Post Office 15 minutes before the ride scheduled time. Although the group that gathered (who had booked through various online sources) was quite big, things went quickly and everybody got the chance in maximum 10-15 minutes to go into a gondola. The ride itself was very nice, the gondoliers are very well at maneuvering the boats, even in “crowded” areas. On the canals it is very quiet and you get the chance to admire the scenery. We also reached the Grand Canal and had a short ride on it as well. Overall very happy we took the ride, even though initially I thought I could do without it. It is indeed part of the unique Venice feeling and experience.
Apr 23, 2019
Classic Gondola Ride

The ride was ok, but it was raining
Feb 18, 2019
Classic Gondola Ride
Dec 24, 2018
Classic Gondola Ride
Dec 23, 2018
Classic Gondola Ride
It's good.
Oct 18, 2018
Classic Gondola Ride
Oct 8, 2018
Classic Gondola Ride
Beautiful tour of side canals which was very peaceful and relaxing, finished off by short journey on the Grand Canal with gorgeous views.
Oct 3, 2018
Classic Gondola Ride
very good tour
Sep 22, 2018
Classic Gondola Ride
It was authentic.
Sep 19, 2018
Classic Gondola Ride
Very organized