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Gondola Ride Meeting Point

On the banks of the Grand Canal, this meeting point is the place to get ready to board a Venetian Gondola - a must-do when in Venice!

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Customer reviews

May 16, 2018
Classic Gondola Ride
Not fully 30' mins but the gondoleir was nice
May 14, 2018
Classic Gondola Ride
Its good but shorter... Like 20 minutes indeed. It's beautiful but the smell not 😊
May 7, 2018
Classic Gondola Ride
Super trip
Thank you
May 1, 2018
Classic Gondola Ride
Tour company was great. However gondoliers in general take zero pride in their jobs. Our gondolier would not smile (forget singing) and looked totally unhappy to be working. I’m aware that riding a gondola is very touristic but come on, this is your life’s work! Have some pride!
Mar 31, 2018
Classic Gondola Ride
It’s worth for the money we paid. Good experience.
Feb 11, 2018
Classic Gondola Ride
Less than half hour. No narration or singing. Fine for what it was and pleased didn’t pay more.
Feb 8, 2018
Classic Gondola Ride
Good for groups, not for couples wanting a romantic ride. You’ll get to see and take great photos during the ride that you can’t on land. Gondoliers are police and good maneuvers on tight spaces. 30 minutes is enough for the pace of the entire ride.
Jan 6, 2018
Classic Gondola Ride
Rude staff made the experience very bad!
Dec 30, 2017
Classic Gondola Ride
no explainations on any buildings throughout the ride.
Aug 24, 2017
Classic Gondola Ride
Great experience