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Santa Maria delle Grazie FAQs

The Last Supper was painted on an inside wall of Santa Maria delle Grazie right at the end of the 15th century. Leonardo da Vinci had no idea that his work would go on to be known as one of the greatest paintings ever made.

The mysterious painting, depicting Jesus eating a final meal with his disciples, has long fascinated art lovers and historians. Despite various restoration attempts, it remains extremely fragile, with temperature control hugely important in preventing further damage from humidity.

Visitors can see The Last Supper by purchasing Santa Maria delle Grazie tickets that have the correct access. Only 25 people are allowed to see Leonardo's famous painting at one time, so tickets are very limited.

One of the best ways to get up close to this iconic artwork is to join the Best of Milan guided tour. You can guarantee your audience with the disciples, and you'll also visit Milan Cathedral and La Scala Theater.

Basic admission to Santa Maria delle Grazie does not grant you access to The Last Supper, so make sure to buy the correct ticket!

Santa Maria delle Grazie is located in the center of Milan, a short walk (and an even shorter metro ride) from Milan Duomo and La Scala in the historic district. You can reach the church by getting off at Conciliazione Station on the Milan Metro (Line 1). From there it's a short five-minute walk to Santa Maria delle Grazie.

It's important to choose the correct Santa Maria delle Grazie ticket to make sure you get the experience you're looking for.

If you just want to explore Santa Maria delle Grazie and learn about the history of the church, entry is free and you can pick up a handy audio guide for a small extra fee.

Standard tickets for Santa Maria delle Grazie often do not include access to see The Last Supper. If this is what you're looking for, you can opt for The Last Supper tickets by booking with the venue itself (limited in availability) or see the painting as part of a guided tour, which is often the best way to make sure you get access to Leonardo's masterpiece.

Santa Maria delle Grazie Tickets Overview

  • Has been a respected UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980, and is considered one of Italy's finest examples of Renaissance architecture

  • Houses one of Leonardo da Vinci's greatest masterpieces – The Last Supper

  • Intended to serve as the exclusive burial site of Milan's most powerful family, the Sforzas

  • Santa Maria delle Grazie hosts other works by Titian, Bramantino, and Guadenzio Ferrari

  • The church is still used for religious services, as well as concerts, events, and artistic exhibitions

Although entrance to the cathedral of Santa Maria delle Grazie is free of charge, you'll need a separate ticket in order to see da Vinci's The Last Supper.

Because of the fresco's placement inside the church and its exposure to the elements over centuries, only a certain number of visitors are allowed to enter at one time, which means tickets are booked months in advance. Don't miss your chance to see The Last Supper and book your tickets before your visit!

Santa Maria delle Grazie tickets include:

  • Only 25 visitors are allowed to enter the refectory to see The Last Supper during each time slot and cannot stay longer than 60 minutes; current COVID-19 restrictions may require less time, less visitors per time slot, and a mask

  • Be prepared for a security check before entering the church

  • Opening hours for visitors are limited on Sundays (15:00 to 17:50); The Last Supper is not open on Mondays

  • Check the hours of holy mass before your visit

  • Tickets for The Last Supper are never available for the same day; advanced booking is required

  • For security reasons, you must show a photo ID before entering to see The Last Supper; the name on the ticket must match the photo ID

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Elena,  Czech Republic Czech Republic
12 Nov 2023
Super expierience, last super It was a well organized tour with an excellent guide, Marcela. The tour guide's narration was very interesting, inspiring and touching. Thank you to Marcela and can...
Super expierience, last super It was a well organized tour with an excellent guide, Marcela. The tour guide's narration was very interesting, inspiring and touching. Thank you to Marcela and can recommend this tour
Last Supper & Sforza Castle Tour
Robert,  Australia Australia
08 Sep 2023
Such a fantastic tour which gave a thorough overview and history of Leonardo’s Last Supper followed by a most enjoyable walking tour covering the highlights of Milan
Historical Tour of Milan and the Last Supper
Joan,  Australia Australia
19 Sep 2023
Excellent guide, patient, knowledgeable and happy to answer questions. A visit to The Last Supper is very precise and moves in a controlled manner. A must do experience in Milan. 19 Sept, no walk...
Excellent guide, patient, knowledgeable and happy to answer questions. A visit to The Last Supper is very precise and moves in a controlled manner. A must do experience in Milan. 19 Sept, no walk up tickets available until end of October. Book with Tiqets.
Milan: Last Supper guided tour

About: Santa Maria delle Grazie

This 15th-century church and Dominican convent is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The popular attraction features Leonardo da Vinci's fresco The Last Supper in its refectory - one of the most important artworks of the whole Renaissance.

Santa Maria delle Grazie
Piazza di Santa Maria delle Grazie, 20123, Milan
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