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Trajan's Markets

The Markets of Trajan give a tantalizing glimpse of what Rome was really like at the absolute height of its power, under the Emperor Trajan.

This ancient landmark was a high-end shopping mall complex, designed by one of the greatest architects of ancient Roman times. It now houses a museum dedicated to the various extensions to the Roman Forum that were built from Julius Caesar’s time onwards.

The site is fully wheelchair accessible and open seven days a week.

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Customer reviews

Jun 20, 2018
Trajan's Markets and Imperial Forum Museum
Very Nice place
Feb 17, 2018
Trajan's Markets and Imperial Forum Museum
Very interesting. The variety of vases from different parts of the empire is interesting to a point, to me. I enjoyed the sculptures of human busts, specially after having visited the Vatican museums. I was fascinated most by having learned about Emperor Trajan. He and Marcus Aurelius are the ones I'm most interested in, now. Before it was just M.A., but now Trajan. The market is impressive for what it used to be. I can imagine what it used to be...people going in and out of storefronts, the way it flows and it must have allowed for crowds to flow in and out of it.Impressive. Specially, what it must have looked like when the Imperial Forum was next to it. If you like history you'd be impressed by the sights. The video at the start of the museum is very good, i thought. It is a very good set-up for the visit. I wish it contained a few more impressive sculptures, and so on, but I take those are in other museums, or maybe remain on site.
Jun 18, 2018
Trajan's Markets and Imperial Forum Museum
Adoramos o passeio. É importante não confundir a entrada do Fórum de Trajano, pois não é a mesma do Fórum Romano. O Museu tem muitas projeções e as estruturas são bem conservadas. É um complemento a visita do Fórum Romano, inclusive fica na saída. Dá para visitar o Fórum Romano e ir ao Mercado e Fórum Romano de Trajano.
Apr 22, 2018
Trajan's Markets and Imperial Forum Museum
Emozionante e non affollato...solamente nell'ultima parte mi sono un po' persa...non è sempre evidente il percorso.
Dec 27, 2016
Trajan's Markets and Imperial Forum Museum
Sin colas, sin problemas todo muy bien organizado