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Castel Sant'Angelo Pier

Across from Castel Sant'Angelo, the Castel Sant'Angelo Pier is the departure point for cruises up and down Rome's mighty Tiber River.

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Customer reviews

Jul 11, 2018
Evening Cruise + Drinks
Lovely cruise good food and great information
Jul 2, 2018
Dinner Cruise - Rome By Night
Lovely trip, welcome drinks n snacks then off on the cruise. Food lovely but there is a lot. 4 course could be 3 and still be good value.
Nice option for a special occasion.
Jun 8, 2018
Evening Cruise + Drinks
May 27, 2018
Evening Cruise + Drinks
The cruise was pleasant and the food and drink was quite generous and quite tasty. I only wished we were told what to see and where we are...
May 2, 2018
Evening Cruise + Drinks
Only one hour and too many people in the drinking area who had not paid so very cramped.
Oct 18, 2017
Dinner Cruise - Rome By Night
Great night. met all our expectations.
Oct 5, 2017
Evening Cruise + Drinks
Food and wine was lovely.
Jul 10, 2017
Dinner Cruise - Rome By Night
The food was cold, not well prepared
I dont like to talk bad about food but this was so weird almost all people did not finish their plates
So disorganized, tables were sloppy
They extended the trip for an hour just for someone's birthday without our knowledge, it costed us our dinner since we couldnt make it to any other resturant
We would never do it again even if it was free.
Aug 15, 2016
Dinner Cruise - Rome By Night
Romantic, spectacular, amazing, you name it!
Jul 3, 2018
Evening Cruise + Drinks
Die Kreuzfahrt ist sehr gut organisiert.
Die Beschilderung zur Bootsanlegestelle könnte besser sein.