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Watch fado in Lisbon, surf in Algarve or take a hike in Sintra

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The Best Porto Food & Wine Guide

Set sail down the Douro River Valley and you’ll see why it’s so easy to fall in love with Porto. Dip your toes into Portuguese gastronomy and see the making of port wine from vineyard to vinho.

One Day in Lisbon

Discover the magic of Lisbon with the perfect one-day itinerary. From indulging in delectable Portuguese cuisine to soaking in breathtaking views from miradouros (viewpoints) to seeing the sights via hop-on hop-off Lisbon buses, Lisbon will leave you enchanted and longing for more.

Things to do in Porto, Portugal

Porto has established itself as the top destination in northern Portugal – history, culture, wine, and the UNESCO-listed Douro River Valley make it _the_ place to be.

The Perfect Sintra Day Trip

Looking for things to do in Sintra? Hop on the train from Lisbon to Sintra and see historical castles and beautiful views! Plan out the perfect Sintra day trip, and uncover enchanting Portuguese history and beauty.

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