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Things to do in Naples

Eat pizza, visit the Sansevero Chapel and explore the ancient underground

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All in Naples

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Archaeological Sites

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Walk through the preserved streets of an ancient city frozen in time by Mount Vesuvius

4.5 (11,220 reviews)
Mount Vesuvius

Hike the historic volcano, learn about 79 AD eruption, and visit preserved Roman cities.

4.1 (3,694 reviews)
Naples Underground

Naples Underground is easy to reach by metro or bus and takes guests on an amazing underground tour of a city that's over 2400 years old! See the ancient aquaduct that's been providing the city with water for 23 centuries, an ancient theater, and more! You won't believe what's down there.

4.6 (3,338 reviews)
Vesuvius Day Trips from Naples

Visit an active volcano or opt for a wine tasting

4.3 (558 reviews)
Vesuvius Day Trips from Pompei

Leave the city behind for the day and discover somewhere new

4.1 (440 reviews)

Explore the ruins of an ancient Roman town and learn about its history before the eruption

4.6 (1,502 reviews)
Amalfi Coast Day Trips from Naples

Go on a city break from Naples and take a fun day trip to Amalfi Coast

4.4 (85 reviews)
Naples Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tours

Hop onboard a double-decker bus and discover the best of Naples!

4.3 (216 reviews)
The National Archaeological Museum of Naples

The National Archaeological Museum of Naples is home to one of the world’s finest collections of Greco-Roman artifacts. It's located in Naples at the Piazza Museo 19.

4.6 (362 reviews)
Catacombs of San Gennaro

The Catacombs of San Gennaro are a fascinating and perfectly preserved insight into thousands of years of Italian history. See the final resting place of Naples's patron saint and discover an intricately adorned tribute to Italy's dead.

4.7 (1,313 reviews)

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Combine Naples favorites. Some things are better together.

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Naples guides and itineraries

Naples & Pompeii City Break

See history firsthand at Naples and Pompeii during an exhilarating city break. Get ready for a thrilling journey through these iconic Italian sites.

What to do in Naples, Italy

If you’re wondering what to do in Naples, Italy, look no further. These are the best places to visit in Naples to get a feel for the city’s culture, art, and scenery

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