Tickets for Bioparc Fuengirola

Bioparc Fuengirola is a sustainable zoo near Malaga which protects its animals in environments similar to their natural habitat, using 'invisible' barriers. This excellent family attraction is easy to reach from central Malaga.

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Bioparc Fuengirola reviews

Jun 28, 2019
Bioparc Fuengirola
A wonderful oasis in the middle of Fuengirola. The animals look well cared for and their homes well managed and well thought out. A good way to spend a couple of hours.
Jun 25, 2019
Bioparc Fuengirola
We had a lovely day at the biopark watching all the animals, all there enclosures were amazing for them, and the merecats were wonderful
Jun 11, 2019
Bioparc Fuengirola
Very good experience, able to see species up closes especially crocodile, leopard, gorilla and hippo
Jun 2, 2019
Bioparc Fuengirola
Was alright. Just loads of sleeping animals. Was a hot day though
May 15, 2019
Bioparc Fuengirola
Really enjoyed our visit , well worth the money.
May 4, 2019
Bioparc Fuengirola
It is a lovely place to visit with kids. Park is relatively small, but has a variety of animals. It took us (with 2y old kid) about 2 hours to get around the park. We came back to the tigers 3 times. My kid loved the experience of animals being so close by, just behind the glass window.
The place is very tidy as well, which helps when you are with young children.
I would recommend a visit to the park to visitors with kids as a must-do event.
May 1, 2019
Bioparc Fuengirola
Bioparc was beautiful but very small. You could spend 30mins there and see everything there is to see. The tickets are too expensive for such a small place.
Apr 25, 2019
Bioparc Fuengirola
Nicely set out and maintained zoo with an excellent variety of entertaining animals. We visited with our 6 year old granddaughter and had a great day.
Good booking experience through Tigets.
Apr 2, 2019
Bioparc Fuengirola
Mar 28, 2019
Bioparc Fuengirola
Great zoo,interesting and for kids and for adults.