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What's included

Guided tour of the North Caves

What's not included

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  • Discover the hidden labyrinth of underground cave tunnels hidden beneath the city of Maastricht
  • See where artworks and priceless treasures were stored out of sight during WWII
  • Plunge into total darkness and feel the atmosphere of one the city's hidden treasures

Plumb the depths of Maastricht's North Caves and discover a vast underground labyrinth. In pitch black darkness, with exactly zero bars of phone reception, the hidden history of the Netherlands will be revealed, as well as some World War II secrets.

Feel the cold air gather as you approach the mouth of the North Caves, and notice how all sense of time slips away as you venture into the cavernous dark. A cheery guide will brighten the mood with expert commentary along the way - filling you in on the unique history of the caves.

Rembrandt's Night Watch was stored down here, as well as many other works of Dutch art, all hidden during WWII.

See the beautiful cave paintings that visiting artists have left behind over the years, and get ready to experience nighttime, even when there's daylight outside. This is one serious underground adventure.

Insider tip

The North Caves' entrance is just a 20-minute walk from the city center, but it's another world altogether.

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Getting there

  • On foot: about 20-25 minutes walking from the Maastricht Visitor Center (tourist office) in the city center (Kleine Straat 1, Maastricht). The ticket office, starting point, and information point for the North Caves are located on Sint Pietersberg Hill, next to Chalet Bergrust
  • Bus: take bus 9 in the direction of St Pieter and get off at the second stop on 'Mergelweg, St Pietersberg'. From here it's 5-10 minutes walking to the caves. Follow the signs 'Grotten Noord'. On Sundays, bus 9 is dial-a-bus
Grotten Noord Maastricht
Luikerweg 71, 6212 NH, Maastricht
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