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Enjoy over 50 Eureka! moments in a science museum

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  • Embark on a journey of discovery and engage with over 50 amazing mad science experiments and demonstrations
  • See lightning storms crack against the ceiling, watch twirling fire tornadoes, and learn about the practical applications of explosions
  • See alien-like ferrofluids dance under magnets, play with electronic sound waves, peer into the Infinity Boxes and lots more

Like blowing stuff up in the name of science? Unlock your inner Heisenberg and get hands-on with over 50 mind-blowing experiments of purest mad science at Science Museum: Wonderlab. A playground of coloured flames, explosions, electric fields, and bubbling test tubes, it's every bit as educational as it is insanely fun, which is saying a lot!

In the Matter Zone see oozing magnetic ferrofluid form amazing oily shapes as a magnet passes over it, while dry solids turn straight into gases in sublime misty clouds.

Experiment with the properties of light and explore how it can be reflected, bent, or split into an infinite spectrum of colours. See what our world looks like under different light conditions, and experience what it’s like to walk inside a light beam.

Watch forks of pure white lightning collide across the ceiling in the Tesla coil and Van de Graaff generator demonstrations. See how the shapes of sound waves change what we hear, and experiment with creating your own electronic music - for science!

See incredible live shows like Flash Bang Wallop, where you'll learn what fire's made of, how explosions help in everyday life, what makes things go bang - with the help of fire tornadoes and real explosions, all will be revealed!

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  • During peak times lines can be very long - we advise you to arrive early!
  • Last entry is 45 min before closing time. Galleries start to close 30 min before the museum closes
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Science Museum
Exhibition Rd, Kensington, SW7 2DD, London
Key info
Wheelchair accessible
You can borrow a wheelchair on the day by asking a member of staff at the Information Desk
Ratings & reviews
49 Reviews

Feb 15, 2020
Feb 8, 2020
Well worth the money and time.
Jan 19, 2020
Many of the interactive experiments were ruined by kids who were not being supervised, and clearly had no respect for anything. A bit chaotic... With a little organisation the whole thing would have been far more pleasant for kids and adults alike.

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