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750 species and over 17,000 animals in the world’s oldest scientific zoo

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  • Visit Gorilla Kingdom and see Kumbuka and his family of silverback gorillas at close quarters. They have their own island, gym, and African rainforest (seriously!)
  • With talks and feeding sessions throughout the day, there's plenty of opportunities to really get to know the inhabitants here!

London Zoo is perhaps the most famous zoo in the whole world. Built by Victorian gentlemen with names like Sir Stamford Raffles and Decimus Burton, it's been an important part of London life for almost 200 years. Today you’ll be able to take in over 750 species of animals while walking through its historic buildings and grounds.

ZSL London Zoo has undergone a transformation in the past few years. From its Victorian-era 'animal park' origins it's now a conservation-minded institution that puts animals and education first.

Charismatic lowland gorillas, prehistoric Komodo dragons, and Galapagos turtles, mighty lions and tigers... all the big-ticket creatures are on display here. But that's not all, Reptile House, Butterfly Paradise, Penguin Beach and more will round out your day with plenty of animal sightings.

If the In With The Spiders exhibit creeps you out, visit the two Pygmy Hippos instead. Everyone agrees that Thug and Nicky are delightful. And speaking of delightful, don't miss the Animal Adventure zone, where young visitors can learn about llamas, meerkats and more – as well as spend some quality time in the play area!

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  • Cancellations are possible up to 24 hours before your visit date
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ZSL London Zoo
Outer Circle Regent's Park, NW1 4RY, London
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The gorilla colony was blessed with a new addition in 2014, a baby girl named Alika (which means beautiful). She joins the other two females in the group, and the family continues to thrive.

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Feb 18, 2020
Lovely as always
Feb 17, 2020
We absolutely enjoyed our visit. Online, it was recommended as top priority to see when visiting London. I was informed by someone of railways that it was not a great experience and a waste of time. He said the tiger was pretty much non existent, and we’d be lucky to see him. He also mentioned the lions looked like British bull dogs, very small. Being from Australia and been spoilt by great zoos there, I became sceptical, but remained positive. So going with the idea the lions were small and the tiger was hidden. I was totally surprised. The lions were normal large and a very healthy size. The tiger was super busy trying to deglove a bone. This zoo is great, not too big like some, and totally entertaining. Perhaps this man was thinking of what he would expect, but my daughter was totally thrilled with all animals, except monkeys as she was fascinated with the male lion. Don’t get me wrong there plenty of cheeky monkeys. Unfortunately some enclosures were being refurbished or rebuilt, otherwise it was fantastic. All of the little children and older were totally mesmerised by the penguins. We all got a buzz from the kids excitement of the display of penguins challenging each other for fish, even a stork like bird, snatched a fish from an unsuspecting penguin which had it in its mouth under the water. Due to bad management on our part of arrival time, we missed any talks or feeding times. This is the month of Feb, the day was beautiful and the crowds a minimum, but all parents and children from our perspective were well behaved, lining up to ride in the metal robin that was outside the Blackburn bird area. Totally enjoyable, I would recommend and go again.
Feb 15, 2020
Would be better in summer as the animals were all away or hiding due to the cold, but to be fair there were also less people around so we could get closer and enjoy it without waiting

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