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Things to do in Italy

Taste gelato in Rome, see the Pompeii ruins or cruise in a Venetian gondola

Italy guides and itineraries

Things to do in Rome in 3 Days

Rome wasn't built in a day, but you can see the best bits in just three! Witness the Colosseum, relive the past at Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum, learn about the Pantheon, and enter the doors of the pristine St. Peter's Basilica – just wait until you see the Sistine Chapel!

The Perfect Venice 2-Day Itinerary

Italy’s floating city will capture your heart and melt it like a bucket of gelato. Venice’s blue-hued canals, graceful gondolas and romantic architecture were all designed to wow, and with this 2-day itinerary you’ll never run out things to do in Venice. From losing your friends in the narrow alleyways, to posing on picturesque bridges, to eating your bodyweight in pizza, Venice has it all.

Your Guide to Venetian Craftsmanship

Venice is a city known for its exquisite craftsmanship. Keep reading for what to do in Venice to get a feel for the art, craftsmanship, and food that makes this city so special.

2 days in Florence

Dive into the heart of Florence with a two-day itinerary as your guide to this city brimming with artistic treasures!

Naples & Pompeii City Break

See history firsthand at Naples and Pompeii during an exhilarating city break. Get ready for a thrilling journey through these iconic Italian sites.

What to do in Naples, Italy

If you’re wondering what to do in Naples, Italy, look no further. These are the best places to visit in Naples to get a feel for the city’s culture, art, and scenery

48 hours in Rome

Can you see Rome in two days? If you've just got a weekend in Rome, don't sweat it! The "Eternal City" is full of timeless art, glorious ruins, and holy squares – you'll see all of this and more in 48 hours!