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guided tour

North Caves Maastricht Underground

  • Duration: 1h
  • Live guide in English, Dutch
  • Guided tour of the North Caves
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Grotten Noord Maastricht reviews

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About: Grotten Noord Maastricht

Grotten Noord Maastricht is an extensive network of underground caves beneath the city of Maastricht, in the south of the Netherlands. The caves have a large historical significance, having been used as a vault to store famous Dutch paintings and valuable artworks during WWII. The cave walls themselves are adorned with paintings from visiting artists over the years.

Grotten Noord Maastricht
Luikerweg 71, 6212 NH, Maastricht
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MergelRijk is an underground visitor attraction in Valkenburg, Limburg, the Netherlands. Located in the caves beneath Valkenburg, MergelRijk features numerous subterranean-themed walkthrough exhibits that cover everything from sand and marlstone sculpture-making to dinosaur fossil excavation and more.
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