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  • Explore the world's largest historical armory and its fascinating temporary exhibitions
  • See over 32,000 real weapons and discover the centuries of constant warfare that Styria endured from the 15th to the 18th century
  • Wander around rooms filled with thousands of real battle-worn guns, swords, spears, artillery, and armor

Get fired up for a close-up weapons inspection of over 32,000 real guns, spears, swords, artillery, and shiny suits of armor at Landeszeughaus, the world's biggest historical armory. Learn fascinating facts on each grim death-bringing implement, and the history of Styria's war-torn past with military precision.

Before there were tanks, drones, and ballistic missiles, warfare required a more... uh, hands-on approach.

Put yourself in the quaking boots of a rookie foot soldier, and get a first-hand glimpse into the gritty history of battle-craft and combat from the 15th - 18th century Styria.

The Firearms Room is home to more guns than a Texan household after Black Friday. Here you'll see thousands of real battlefield-tested rifles, pistols, muskets, bullets, and razor-sharp bayonets, hanging neatly along the walls.

Speaking of armor-piercing pointy things, the Staff Weapons Room is where you'll find the spears, pikes, and spiky morning stars that brought the swift end to a heartbeat or two.

More into slicing and dicing your foes? The Edged Weapons Room is where you can admire swords, daggers, sabers, and blades of every limb-lopping size and shape.

Just remember, swashbuckling swordplay is all well and good until someone invents heavy artillery!

What's included
Entrance to the permanent collection of the Styrian Armory
Entrance to the temporary exhibition
Visitor's guide brochure (available at the cash desk)
Audio guide (available onsite for an extra fee in English, Italian and German)
Guided tour (available for an extra fee in English and German)
Cancellation policy
  • Cancellations are possible up to 24 hours before your visit date
  • Changes are possible for this ticket

Show your smartphone or printed voucher at the cash desk to get it scanned.

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