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Gardaland FAQs

You can spend as much time in Gardaland as you like – once you're in, you're in. However, the queues can be long, especially on weekends. Be sure to get the fast-track tickets to save even more time and make the most of your time inside.

You can opt for 1 or 2-day skip-the-line entry tickets to Gardaland Amusement Park, which both include unlimited access to all the attractions.

Gardaland is open everyday of the week after winter ends, around the first week of April. The park is open year around, but in colder months you can only visit during the weekend. But when the sun comes out again, the fun comes out again.

From April to mid-June the park is open from 10am to 6pm. In mid June, Gardaland begins running its summer opening hours and stays open from 10am - 11pm.

The long summer opening hours mean you can pack more into your day, and make your Gardaland tickets far more valuable. However, on weekends, and in summer when the kids are off school, the park can get extremely busy. Unless you have fast-track tickets you could spend a lot of time in long lines.

Aim to get there early to avoid the crowds, and if you drive, remember to park close to the entrance. This way, when you leave you'll be out pretty fast.

If you’re wondering if the park is open in October or November – you’ll only be able to visit on weekends. So, you’d be better waiting until summer to get your Gardaland ticket!

There are lots of places to eat and drink at Gardaland. In fact, it probably has more options than most other theme parks. There are themed restaurants for the family, casual fast-food outlets, pizzerias, ice-cream stalls, and places to buy cold water dotted all over the park.

One of our favourite restaurants is Merlin Stube, inside Merlin's Castle, in the heart of the medieval area. This rustic farmhouse eatery will get the kids giggling thanks to the medieval music and costumes. There's also some pretty good beer on tap – or should that be mead?

There's no need at all to bring your own food and drinks into Gardaland. Why carry more when you can buy it all inside?

You should bring something warm. If you stay late after sunset and you're wet, you might get a little cold. A hat is also a good idea for that brutal midday sun!

Bring your phones, there's complimentary mobile phone charging stations available at a number of restaurants throughout the park, as well as free WiFi. So leave that location sharing on, so you can find your friends and family quickly and easily.

If you need to bring a bag, try and make it small. There's secure luggage storage in the park for a fee. If you decide to use it, make sure your baggage doesn't contain any food or drinks.

Gardaland’s official website doesn't explicitly state you can’t bring your own food and drink. If you bring your own bottle of water and a sandwich, you should be fine!

According to Gardaland’s rules, you can’t use the flower gardens for picnicking, and food is also forbidden inside your bags if you intend to use the luggage storage that is available on site.

Yes! You’re welcome to bring your pooch to the park, but they must be kept on a leash. If you’ve got a big dog, it will also have to wear a muzzle. Animals can’t climb on the rides or access the shows; in restaurants, dogs can join you in designated areas that the staff will indicate to you.

Gardaland is the closest thing to Disneyland in Italy. Inside this Italian amusement park, you’ll find fantastic rollercoasters and rides to keep the whole family entertained. Your Gardaland tickets will give you access to all of them, and you can ride them as many times as you want! On top of that, you’ll also have access to Gardaland’s special live shows.

It’s not just theme park rides. Gardaland also has a LEGOLAND® Water Park.

Entry isn’t included with a standard Gardaland ticket, so you’ll have to book a separate ticket to enjoy the waterpark’s attractions.

If you do decide to book this experience, you can expect an ocean full of activities, including several classic waterpark slides, play areas where the kids can splash around, and LEGO building locations where little ones can get creative.

There’s even a Miniland, where you can see the best of Italy in miniature. Over four million LEGO bricks have been used to reproduce the most beautiful monuments in Italy – and they’re all built to scale. Expect to see the Colosseum built more than four meters wide, the Tower of Pisa more than two meters high, and the Basilica and Bell Tower of St. Mark's Square.

There’s no shortage of things to do in Gardaland. If you wanted the full experience – Gardaland, LEGOLAND® Water Park, and SEA LIFE – you could easily lose a few days here.

For the best experience with your Gardaland ticket, you might want to consider two days. There are over 30 rides in Gardaland, and if you want to experience one of the other nearby attractions – the waterpark or the aquarium, you’ll need more time.

Tickets overview

  • Italy's number one amusement park

  • Packed with high-octane rollercoasters to keep adrenaline junkies happy

  • Home to the world's first Jumanji themed ride

  • More than just an amusement park, there's also an aquarium and a water park

  • Little ones can see their favorite characters at Peppa Pig Land

  • Keep your energy levels high at several on-site restaurants

It's no surprise that Italy's answer to Disneyland is a popular location, so make sure to book your Gardaland tickets in advance.

A skip-the-line ticket will see you sail past the queues so you can start enjoying your day sooner.

Gardaland tickets include:

  • Skip-the-line entry to Gardaland Amusement park

  • Entry to Gardaland SEA LIFE aquarium

  • During the summer months, the option to cool down at the LEGOLAND water park

  • Access to Miniland – a little Italy made from more than four million LEGO bricks! See Italy's most famous landmarks in miniature

Accessibility guide:

  • If you have a disability, please check the full list of accessible rides

  • Gardaland also has car parking spaces reserved for guests with disabilities

  • Guests with disabilities that prevent them from enjoying rides autonomously (guests in wheelchairs, guests with behavioural and/or intellectual disabilities, Down’s syndrome, or blindness) enter free of charge and their companion is entitled to a reduced ticket

  • People with disabilities who are self-sufficient (i.e. people who can independently enjoy the rides of the park) pay a reduced rate

General information:

  • If you're traveling via public transport, Peschiera del Garda station is connected to Gardaland by a free shuttle bus (round-trip) on days when the park is open. The trip takes five minutes; the first journey is 30 minutes before the parks' opening time and last journey is 30 minutes after the park's closing time

  • You can bring your dog along! Just make sure they're on their leash. If you’ve got a big dog, it will also have to wear a muzzle

  • LEGOLAND Water Park is not included with a standard entrance ticket, but it can be upgraded to include entry at the ticket offices or inside Gardaland Park

  • The Gardaland car park opens one hour before the park and costs €6 for a full day's parking

  • You can exit the park and come back, but before you exit you must go to the entrance/exit turnstiles and request a “pass stamp”

  • You can leave your luggage or motorcycle helmet at the Welcome Information Office at the Ticket Office Area or at the West Information Office in the West Village. Luggage must not contain food or drink. The service is subject to a fee

  • Strollers are available to rent for children under 110 cm tall – you will be charged a fee of €5

Gardaland Amusement Park reviews

3565 verified customer reviews

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3 reviews
Nejc,  Slovenia Slovenia
22 Sep 2023
It was awesome. It was a little vit rainy day so there was not a lot of people there and it was really great. We wore coats for rain but it was so good that we finished with one ride and then...
It was awesome. It was a little vit rainy day so there was not a lot of people there and it was really great. We wore coats for rain but it was so good that we finished with one ride and then already took second one. We have tried all rollercoasters. I threw up😳
Gardaland: Fast Track Entry
EFROSINI,  Greece Greece
20 Aug 2023
A wonderful park for the whole family. We went straight through the entrance. On some trains you have to wait 40-50 minutes, but it's worth it!
Gardaland: Fast Track Entry
Andreas,  Greece Greece
04 Aug 2023
Same service as official tickets but at a lower price. If you want to use the late after 6 pm you can buy the discounted tickets from official site or offices.
Gardaland Park + Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium

About: Gardaland Amusement Park

Gardaland Amusement Park is the Disneyland of Italy and one of Europe’s largest amusement parks. It's situated by the picturesque Lake Garda, which was once known for carrying commercial traffic and transporting goods and travellers.

This family-friendly amusement park - voted one of the world's best in 2011 - features over 30 rides. Gardaland rides are the best, including 7 roller coasters, 3 water rides, 4 dark rides and 3 flat thrill rides. More than 3 million people visit Gardaland every year.

SEA LIFE Aquarium
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Friday 10:30 - 18:30
Gardaland Amusement Park
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Friday 10:30 - 18:00
Gardaland Amusement Park
Via Derna 4, 37014, Castelnuovo del Garda
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