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The smart way to discover Florence for independent-minded travelers

Flexible ticket: cancellable up to 24 hours before visit date (if selected)
Instant ticket delivery
Audio guide: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Smartphone tickets accepted

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We take care to ensure a safe visit, so you don't miss out on culture.



  • Discover the city of Florence at your own pace without the need to join a tour group or set foot on a tour bus
  • Follow your own sightseeing walking route around the city while audio commentary in six possible languages colors in the history of each area, attraction, and monument that you pass
  • See all of the best photo opportunities, hidden gems, and nightlife hotspots in Florence displayed on an interactive user-friendly map


Love discovering cities, but hate the idea of tour groups? This digital city tour puts Florence in your hands. Enjoy a flexible package that combines your sense of adventure with smart sightseeing software, which will guide you around the city's many points of interest. Listen to insightful local commentary and take the lesser beaten track around the City of Lilies.

Enjoy the highest standard of local commentary in six languages, without having to board a touristy sightseeing bus. Simply stroll around the city at the pace that suits your mood, all the while being regaled with the history and lore of Florence's top monuments and landmarks as you pass by them.

All of the best photo locations are also mapped out for you, so those all-important snaps can be planned in advance. WiFi hotspots around the city are listed too!

Best of all, the digital city guide works offline. And you can even add your own highlights to the interactive map, allowing you to plan your way from the Duomo back to your hotel!


What's included

Vox City app with 70 points of interests in the city, offline digital maps and navigation, walking itineraries, bus and tram itineraries, and free WiFi spots
Audio guide in the app in 6 languages

What's not included

Admission tickets to attractions
Public transportation

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation may be available depending on your ticket selection
  • Changes are possible for this ticket


  • After booking, you'll receive the link to download the Vox City app (for Android and iOS) and the credentials to access the sightseeing and navigation content of the app
  • Once you downloaded the Vox City Pass app on your mobile device, you can activate it within one year
  • After the activation, you can start using it whenever you want
  • Please note that once the language has been chosen, it can't be changed
  • Make sure to keep your phone's GPS on so the app's offline browser can properly operate and guide you through the streets


How to get there

Santa Maria Novella
Piazza della Stazione, 50123, Florence
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