Tickets for Boston Harbor: Codzilla Thrill Boat Ride

Roar across Boston Harbor in an angry 70-foot-long turbo-powered jet boat

Operated by: Boston Harbor City Cruises

Instant ticket delivery
Duration: 40mins
Smartphone tickets accepted
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What's included

Codzilla Boat Thrill Ride
Ponchos and waterproof bags for storage

What's not included

Gratuities (optional)
  • Roar across Boston Harbor in a 70-foot-long turbo-powered jet boat with the angriest face on the seven seas
  • Prepare to get very wet as you zoom at 40 mph, powerslide at insane speed, and perform spectacular 360° turns
  • Laugh maniacally as onlookers flee the waters in all directions to escape the rage of Codzilla

What's 70 feet long with state-of-the-art water jets and a menacing shark smile? Codzilla! With the snarling power of 2,800 racehorses packed into a turbo-charged twin engine of powersliding fury, Codzilla is safely the most badass boat on Boston Harbor. Anyone who suggests otherwise is swiftly drenched in a large wave of ocean spray. Codzilla shall not be questioned.

Hop aboard this monstrous machine and blast across Cape Cod at the speed of pure adrenaline. Pull dastardly 360° turns, send flocks of seagulls squawking into the air, and hold on to your hairpiece!

The unique hull design allows Codzilla to carve across waves like a hot knife through butter. Sudden 360° turns and thrilling powerslides are all part of the fun.

Meanwhile, the volume is cranked all the way up to 11 on a dramatic Hollywood soundtrack that complements the Codzilla experience perfectly.

Be advised that all future boating experiences may feel slightly underwhelming.

  • Please redeem your boarding pass by showing your smartphone voucher at the BHC (Boston Harbor Cruises) Ticket Center on Long Wharf. The ticket center is a small white building with a whale on top
  • Make sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before your selected time slot
  • Rescheduling is possible until 72 hours before your visit.

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