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The Beer Can House: Guided Tour

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Jenny,  United States United States
15 Oct 2023
The guys that worked there explained the history of the house and were great to talk to. Inside, there is a lot of documentation about the ‘decorating process’ and the couple who owned the house...
The guys that worked there explained the history of the house and were great to talk to. Inside, there is a lot of documentation about the ‘decorating process’ and the couple who owned the house and did the work. So happy I finally made it there!
The Beer Can House: Guided Tour
Jaclyn,  United States United States
22 Oct 2023
Guide was great! Educated in the history and able to answer questions. Site well maintained.
The Beer Can House: Guided Tour
17 Sep 2023
A fun experience. Will only take 30 minutes but very interesting
The Beer Can House: Guided Tour

About: Beer Can House

Located in Houston, Texas, the Beer Can House is a local landmark in the Rice Military neighborhood. Its history dates back to 1968, when a local man began covering his yard and house in repurposed materials – chiefly beer cans and other beer-related objects. Over the years, the Beer Can House has become a popular attraction for visitors to Houston, and is estimated to feature over 50,000 beer cans.

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Beer Can House
222 Malone Street, 77007, Houston
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