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The Athens War Museum is located in Athens, Greece. The museum covers war memorabilia, film, photos and documents from ancient times right up until the present day.

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Athens War Museum reviews

Sep 10, 2019
Athens War Museum
A large museum covering millennia of warfare, with two particular downsides:
(1) many of the antiquity exhibits are reproductions (plaster casts) of the originals located in other museums;
(2) an entire exhibit devoted to the Polish contributions in WWII; I am not sure what this has to do with the Greek experience.
Other than that, the coverage is excellent.
Sep 2, 2019
Athens War Museum
Very nice
Aug 31, 2019
Athens War Museum
The museum is easy to access from the Metro Station Evanghelissmos. You need more time (at least 2 hrs) than I had to enjoy all the exhibitions, which are very interesting. I expected a more detailed presentation of the weapons. But it is a very nice museum, I plan to come here again.